Adults and Couples

Over the years I have worked with clients struggling with many different issues, from work related stress to anger, shame, depression and anxiety. I use emotionally focused therapy with couples experiencing relationship difficulties. I have experience working with the trauma of cancer diagnosis and treatment. For the past six years I’ve worked with clients suffering from post traumatic stress and all the related issues that can accompany it such as relationship breakdown, suicidal thoughts, depression, social isolation, alcohol and drug misuse.

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I have worked with children and teenagers within school and university settings. Many young people suffer from stress, anxiety and anger, un-diagnosed eating disorders and dysfunctional family lives. At this stage in life young people are often stressed-out by relationships, peer pressure, social anxiety or exam fears. It can be very helpful to speak with someone outwith family and school who offers safety and confidentiality. Feeling heard and understood can be transforming, leading to increased self-awareness and the possibility of change.


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