Change your thoughts ~ Change your life


“Life doesn’t get better by chance,

it gets better by change”

Life can be difficult; sometimes we feel stressed, anxious, depressed and generally unhappy. Our thoughts can get out of control, become overwhelming, leaving us feeling disconnected, isolated and lonely. I am a resouceful and optimistic Counsellor and I truly believe that small changes in the way we think can make big differences to the way we feel.



I am an experienced Counsellor; I’ve work with teenagers, adults and couples struggling with a range of problems. Whatever’s troubling you, my aim is to help untangle the knot, decide what changes are possible and clear a path to a more peaceful and fulfilling future.


Take Action

Choosing a counsellor is a really personal decision and it’s important to find the right one for you. If you’re unsure about the counselling process or making a commitment, I’d be happy to talk you through it, so please don’t be nervous about getting in touch.